The Lopsided Labour Market: Why it’s so hard to hire right now

The Lopsided Labour Market: Why it’s so hard to hire right now

Are you finding it hard to hire the right talent for your business?

You’re not alone. As the economy starts to emerge from the COVID-19 global pandemic, employers across all industries are now facing some of the toughest hiring conditions in decades.

At FlexCareers we’re experiencing this firsthand. Organisations that have kicked the can down the road during the pandemic have been putting off key business decisions and are now activating those plans. They’re looking to invest more in labour and accelerate their digital transformation. On top of that, investors are now pressuring chief executive officers to justify their high stock prices.

As a result of these economic conditions, there are record job advertisements and low numbers of candidates looking. It’s a labour market unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

What we’re experiencing now is the hangover from 2020.

The jobs market is exploding, yet candidates aren’t moving. Are we surprised? For many employees who kept their jobs during the pandemic, they received support, flexibility and importantly, security from their employers. They’re happy with their job security and redundancy safety net. There’s not a huge desire to start afresh with a new organisation, especially in a time of uncertainty. We’re all still working out what life and the workplace looks like with COVID-19.

These conditions are presenting challenges for employers, including wage inflation. With a combination of massive demand and reluctant supply, wage inflation is a possibility.

Where to for employers?

I’ve spent years following the employment and financial markets, monitoring data and observing trends. It’s given me an insight into how the employment market responds and how employers can tap into it.

We’re able to help organisations with solutions to combat the challenging environment. There are a number of actions you can take now to ensure you’re able to secure the talent you’re looking for.

We’re yet to see employers tapping into a largely under-utilised talent pool – parents, particularly mothers, highly-skilled and looking to return to work. It’s where our solutions – Our Employer Brand and Return to Work programs – can make a huge difference to your recruitment as businesses emerge from the past 18 months of global and economic uncertainty. We’ll help you understand what candidates want and how to stand out in this market.

What makes you stand out now as a flexible employer when everyone is offering hybrid work? What sets you apart? What makes you attractive to potential employees? How can you find the talent your business needs? What’s your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

I want you to have the opportunity to get your unfair share of top talent in this crazy market and how to get ahead based on the data and what’s going on.

My webinar, The Lopsided Labour Market: Why it’s so hard to hire right now, is available to watch to learn more about these once in a generation economic conditions and what they mean for you.

You can contact me to discuss how FlexCareers can help you find the top talent for your business.